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In order to constantly improve the quality of our work, we regularly update our inspection equipment and procedures to take advantage of state-of-the-art equipment.

Inspection and metrology

We guarantee you a high standard of precision at every stage of production as well as traceability of the machined products. Full quality controls are  carried out throughout the production process, enabling us to ensure compliance with the tolerances requested by our customers.

Our employees have a wide range of inspection equipment at their disposal (SPC inspection methods, optical micrometres, digital projectors, Zeiss 30 tactile, sorting machine with camera, binoculars, etc.) in order to ensure product compliance.

Our contact details

Rickli Micromécanique SA
Route de Romont 27
2537 Vauffelin, Switzerland

T. +41 32 358 00 80
F. +41 32 358 00 89